Eclipse Mailing Lists

Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists at When posting emails to our mailing lists, please remember that these lists are public, avoid posting personal or private information.

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4diac-dev4diac developer discussions
acceleo-devAcceleo developer discussions
actf-devACTF developers list
acute-devacute developer discussions
agail-devagail developer discussions
ajdt-devAspectJ Development Tools developer d
amalgam-devAmalgamation project developer mailing list
amp-devAMP developer mailing list
andmore-devandmore developer discussions
antenna-devantenna developer discussions
apogy-devapogy developer discussions
app4mc-devapp4mc developer discussions
apricot-devApricot Project developer discussions
apricot-usersApricot project general discussions
articles_editorArticle Editors' mailing list
aspectj-announce[no description available]
aspectj-devAspectJ developer discussions
aspectj-users[no description available]
atf-commitATF committs
atf-devAJAX Toolkit Framework discussion
austin-ecAustin Eclipse Community
auto-iwgAutomotive Industry Working Group
b3B3 Users
b3-devB3 developer discussions
babel-devBabel committers mailing list
basyx-devbasyx developer discussions
bayarea-ecBay Area Eclipse Community
belgium-ecBelgium Eclipse community
birt-devFor developers on the BIRT project
birt-pmcBIRT PMC communications (including co
bpel-commitsBpel VCS commit notices
bpel-devBPEL Designer project developer discu
bpmn2-modeler-devBpmn2 Modeler developer discussions
brazil-ecBrazilian Eclipse community
bridgeiot-devBridgeIoT developer discussions
buckminster-devBuckminster developer discussions
budapest-ecBudapest EC list
buildship-devbuildship developer discussions
bulgaria-ecIf you want to participate actively in discussions of the Eclipse Community in Bulgaria, please subscribe to this mailing list. Only active members of the Bulgarian community are suggested to be subscribed here. Moderate traffic. Bulgarian language.
bulgaria-ec-newsIf you want to receive news and announcements about the Eclipse Community in Bulgaria and related upcoming events, please subscribe to this mailing list. All members of the Bulgarian community are suggested to be subscribed here. Low traffic. No replies are allowed. Bulgarian language.
ca-devca developer discussions
camf-devcamf developer discussions
camf-usersCAMF user discussions
capra-devcapra developer discussions
cbi-devCommon-build Developers discussion
cdo-commitCDO Project commits
cdt-build-inboxCDT Build bugzilla Inbox
cdt-commitsCDT commit notices
cdt-debug-inboxCDT debug bugzilla Inbox
cdt-devCDT General developers list.
cdt-launch-inboxCDT launch bugzilla Inbox
cdt-releng-inboxCDT releng bugzilla Inbox
ceylon-devceylon developer discussions
cf-devCalifornium (Cf) developer discussions
cft-devcft developer discussions
che-devche developer discussions
chemclipse-devchemclipse developer discussions
chicago-ecChicago Community mailing list
cloud-devEclipse cloud development
cognicrypt-devcognicrypt developer discussions
collections-devcollections developer discussions
community-outreachCommunity Outreach
concierge-devConcierge developer discussions
configjsr-discussConfigJSR public discussions
configjsr-expertsConfigJSR expert discussions
corrosion-devcorrosion developer discussions
cross-project-issues-devCross project issues
cu-devcu developer discussions
cyclonedds-devcyclonedds developer discussions
dali-devGeneral Dali EJB ORM developer discus
damos-devDamos developers list
dash-devTools for Committer Community
dawnsci-devdawnsci developer discussions
deeplearning4j-devdeeplearning4j developer discussions
detroit-ecDetroit area Eclipse Community
diffmerge-devMailing list for the EMF Diff/Merge project
dirigible-devdirigible developer discussions
ditto-devditto developer discussions
dltk-commitsDLTK commits list
dltk-devDLTK Developer Discussions
dtp-connect-devDTP Connectivity project development
dtp-devDTP development mailing list
dtp-incubator-devDatatools Incubator Developers
dtp-models-devDTP Model Base project development li
dtp-pmcDTP PMC mailing list
dtp-sqldevtools-devDTP SQL Development Tools project dev
duttile-devduttile developer discussions
e4-devE4 Project developer mailing list
ease-devease developer discussions
eatop-devEATop developer discussions
eavp-deveavp developer discussions
ebam-devDeveloper mailing list
ebam-userUser mailing list
ebr-devDiscussion channel for EBR developers, not for discussion of individual bundles manifests
ecd-pmcEclipse cloud development PMC discussions
ecf-buildECF build results list
ecf-devEclipse Communication Framework (ECF)
eclemma-deveclemma developer discussions
eclipse-converge-program-committeeEclipse Converge program committee discussions
eclipse-devGeneral development mailing list of t
eclipse-incubator-e4-devE4 developer list
eclipse-mirrorsEclipse download mirror administrator
eclipse-pmc[no description available]
eclipse-tck-privateThis list is used to discuss the Eclipse Foundation requirements, policies and procedures for access to test and certification kits (TCKs) from the Java Community Process (JCP), the OSGi Alliance and other specification organizations. Most such organizations place a requirement of confidentiality on the use of their TCKs. This list is _not_ to be used to discuss the results of any specific TCK, as that information will be restricted to a specific subset of committers. Architecture Council Committers Program Committee list European Marketing list Discussions Marketing communitcations Membership and Committer List Memberhip At Large Planning Council PMC Leads list for all people involved in Eclipse project management Requirements Council Webdev notices and discussions
eclipsecon-europe-program-committeeEclipsecon Europe program committee discussions
eclipsecon-na-program-committeeEclipsecon NA program committee discussions
eclipsecon-tutorial-presentersEclipsecon tutorial presenters
eclipselink-devDev mailing list for Eclipse Persiste
eclipselink-usersEclipseLink User Discussions
edapt-devEDAPT developer discussions
edje-devedje developer discussions
edt-devEGL Development Tools
ee4j-buildEE4J build and releng discussions
ee4j-devee4j developer discussions
ee4j-pmcEE4J PMC Discussions
efm-devefm developer discussions
efxclipse-devEfxclipse developer discussions
egerrit-devegerrit developer discussions
egf-devEGF developer list
egit-buildEGit build notices
egit-devEGit developer discussion
ejb-devejb developer discussions
el-devel developer discussions
elk-develk developer discussions
elogbook-develogbook developer discussions
emf-compare-devEMF-Compare developer discussions
emf-devEclipse Modelling Framework
emfcompare-buildBuild notices for the EMFCompare project.
emfcp-devMailing list for developers
emfparsley-dev Emf Parsley dev list
emfrefactor-devEMF refactor developer mailing list
emfstore-devEMFStore developer mailing list
emft-devEMFT Developer Mailing List
epf-devEclipse Process Framework Project Dev
epf-dev-ptEPF translation into Portuguese
epl-discussDiscussions about the EPL(Eclipse Public License)
epp-devEclipse Packaging Project
epsilon-devEpislon Project developer discussions
equinox-devEquinox development mailing list
es-deves developer discussions
etrice-deveTrice developer mailing list
etrice-userseTrice user mailing list
evangelistsEclipse evangelists
facet-devEMF Facet developer discussions
flux-devFlux developer discussions
flux-relengFlux releng notices.
fmc-devFMC project mailing list
fog05-devfog05 developer discussions
forum-adminsEclipse Forum admins and moderators --
forums-adminForum admin mailing list
franca-devfranca developer discussions
france-ecFrance Eclipse Community list
gef-devGEF development
gef3d-commitsSource commits for Gef3d
gef3d-devGEF3D Project developer mailing list
gemini-devGemini and sub-projects developer discussions
gemoc-devgemoc developer discussions
gemoc-rcGemoc Research Discussions
gemoc-usersGemoc user discussions
gendoc-devGendoc developer discussions
gendoc-usersGendoc user discussions
germany-north-ecNorthern Germany EC list
germany-south-ecSouthern Germany EC list
gitGit related discussions, specifcally migration help for projects at
glassfish-devglassfish developer discussions
glassfish-tools-devglassfish-tools developer discussions
gmf-devGMF Project developer discussions.
gmf-relengGMF Release List
gmp-devGraphical Modeling Project
gmt-devGenerative Model Transformer
golo-commitGolo project commit and bug notifications
golo-devgolo developer discussions
graphiti-devDiscuss development topics on Graphiti
grizzly-devgrizzly developer discussions
hackathonInformation about Eclipse hackathons
handly-devHandly Developer discussions
hawkbit-devhawkbit developer discussions
henshin-commitsHenshin code commits
henshin-devHenshin developers mailing list
henshin-userHenshin Project user discussions
higgins-devHiggins (Trust Framework) Project dev
hip-devhip developer discussions
hono-devhono developer discussions
honolulu-ecEclipse Community in Honolulu
hudson-commitsMailing list for those interested in source control transactions
hudson-devHudson developer discussions
hyderabad-ecHyderabad Eclipse community
ice-buildIce build notices
ice-device developer discussions
ice-usersIce user discussions
ide-devDiscussions about the IDE
ignite-devignite developer discussions
incubationDiscussions for new Eclipse projects
incubator-devPDE incubator
indonesia-ecIndonesian Eclipse community
interceptors-devinterceptors developer discussions
iofog-deviofog developer discussions
iot-pmcPMC list for IoT top level project
iot-scIoT Steering Committee
iot-testbedsIoT testbed discussions
iot-wgIoT Working Group mailing list
iot-wg-integrationIoT WG integration
iottestware-deviottestware developer discussions
israel-ecEclipse community in Israel
jacc-devjacc developer discussions
jaf-devjaf developer discussions EE community discussions specification discussions EE Working Group
jakartaee-platform-devjakartaee-platform developer discussions
jakartaee-stable-devjakartaee-stable developer discussions
jakartaee-tck-devjakartaee-tck developer discussions
january-devjanuary developer discussions
japan-ecJapanese Eclipse Community
jaspic-devjaspic developer discussions
javamail-devjavamail developer discussions
jaxb-devjaxb developer discussions
jaxb-impl-devjaxb-impl developer discussions
jaxrs-devjaxrs developer discussions
jaxws-devjaxws developer discussions
jca-devjca developer discussions
jdt-apt-devEclipse JDT Apt developers list.
jdt-core-devEclipse JDT Core developers list.
jdt-debug-devEclipse JDT Debug developers list.
jdt-devEclipse JDT general developers list.
jdt-doc-devJDT Documentation discussions.
jdt-ls-devEclipse JDT Language Server developers list
jdt-ui-devEclipse JDT UI developers list.
jersey-devjersey developer discussions
jetty-announceJetty anouncements mailing list
jetty-buildJetty Build list
jetty-commitJetty commit mailing list
jetty-devJetty @ Eclipse developer discussion list
jetty-usersJETTY users mailing list
jgit-buildJGit Build notices
jgit-devJGit Developers list
jms-devjms developer discussions
jnosql-devjnosql developer discussions
jordan-ecJordan Community mailing list
jsonb-devjsonb developer discussions
jsonp-devjsonp developer discussions
jsp-devjsp developer discussions
jstl-devjstl developer discussions
jta-devjta developer discussions
jubula-devJubula platform and tools development
jubula-rc-devJubula remote control components development
jwt-devJava Workflow Toolbox
kapua-devkapua developer discussions
keti-devketi developer discussions
kuksa-devKuksa developer discussions
kura-commitKura VCS activity
kura-devKura Developers mailing list
ldt-devldt developer discussions
leshan-commitLeshan project commit notices
leshan-devleshan developer discussions
libra-devLibra developers list
linux-distros-devEclipse on Linux Distros
linux-ideThe Linux IDE is a potential collaboration between organizations that would like to build an Eclipse-based Linux IDE.
linuxtools-commitLinuxtools project commit notices.
linuxtools-devLinux Tools developer discussions
lsp4e-devlsp4e developer discussions
lsp4j-devlsp4j developer discussions
lsphub-devlsphub developer discussions
lts-iwgLong-Term Support IWG
lyo-devLyo project developer discussions
m2e-devMaven Integration for Eclipse developers mailing list
m2e-usersMaven Integration for Eclipse users mailing list
m2e-wtp-devM2E-WTP Developers mailing list
m2m-atl-devM2M ATL Developer list
m2t-devModel to Text
mangrove-devMailing list for development related discussions for the mangrove - SOA modeling framework project
mat-devMemory Analyzer Dev list
mbeddr-devMbeddr project developer discussions
mdht-devmdht developer discussions
mdmbl-devmdmbl developer discussions
mdt-bpmn2.devBPMN2 Developers Mailing List
mdt-ocl.devMDT OCL mailing list
mdt-papyrus.devPapyrus Project list
mdt-sphinx.devSphinx developers mailing list
mdt-uml2.devMDT UML2 mailing list
mdt-uml2tools.devMDT UML2 Tools mailing list
mdt-xsd.devXSD Developers
mdt.devMDT developers
metro-devmetro developer discussions
microprofile-devmicroprofile developer discussions
milo-devmilo developer discussions
mita-devmita developer discussions
mmt-devMMT project developer discussions
modeling-devModeling project developer mailing list
modeling-pmcPMC members mailing list
modisco-devMoDisco project developer discussions
mojarra-devmojarra developer discussions
mosquitto-devGeneral development discussions for the mosquitto project
mpc-devCommunication between MPC committers
mtj-devMTJ Developer discussions
mylyn-announceMylyn community announcements
mylyn-builds-devMylyn builds project
mylyn-commons-devMylyn Commons project
mylyn-context-devMylyn Contexts project
mylyn-devMylyn developer discussions
mylyn-docs-devMylyn docs project
mylyn-incubator-devMylyn Incubator project
mylyn-integratorsMylyn Integrators list
mylyn-intent-devMylyn Docs Intent project.
mylyn-pmcMylyn PMC discussions
mylyn-reviews-devMylyn Reviews Project
mylyn-tasks-devMylyn Tasks project
mylyn-versions-devMylyn versions project
mylyn-vex-devVex project developer discussions
n4js-devn4js developer discussions
nattable-devNatTable development mailing list
nebula-devNebula Dev
netherlands-ecNetherlands Community mailing list
northern-virginia-ecNorthern Virginia Community mailing list
oaw-wgOAW working group
objectteams-devObject Teams developer discussions
ogee-devOGEE developer discussions
om2m-devOM2M Developer discussions
omr-devomr developer discussions
oomph-devOomph project developer mailing list
open-measured-data-wgThe open MDM Working group (open measured data management WG) wants to foster and support an open and innovative eco-system providing tools and systems, qualification kits and adapters for standardized and vendor independent management of measurement data in accordance with the ASAM ODS standard.
openadxopenadx working group
openj9-devopenj9 developer discussions
openk-platform-devopenk-platform developer discussions
openk-usermodules-devopenk-usermodules developer discussions
openkonsequenz-wgThe openKonsequenz industry consortium collaborates on open source software modernizing the information technology that is needed for the power distribution networks of the 21st century.
openmdm-wgopenMDM working group
openmdm-wg-members Openmdm-wg-members
openmobilityopenMobility Working Group
openmq-devopenmq developer discussions
openpass-scOpenPass Steering Committee
openpass-wgOpenpass Working Group
orb-devorb developer discussions
orbit-devOrbit Developer discussion
orion-devOrion developer discussions
orion-relengOrion build notices and discussions
osbea-wgOS.bea working group
osbp-devosbp developer discussions
osee-devOSEE Developers mailing list
p2-devP2 developer discussions
package-drone-devpackage-drone developer discussions
paho-devGeneral development discussions for paho project
paho.incubator-devpaho.incubator developer discussions
papyrus-icpapyrus-ic discussions
papyrus-rt-devpapyrus-rt developer discussions
papyrus-sysml-usersPapyrus SYSML user discussions
papyrus-xtuml-devpapyrus-xtuml developer discussions
papyrus4eduPapyrus 4 EDU discussions
pde-devEclipse PDE general developers list.
pdt-commitPDT Project VCS activity
pdt-devPDT Developers
pdtincubator-devPDT Incubator project
photranPhotran Information
picasso-devpicasso developer discussions
platform-ant-devEclipse Ant integration developers li
platform-core-devEclipse Platform Core component devel
platform-debug-devEclipse Platform Debug component deve
platform-devEclipse platform general developers l
platform-doc-devPlatform Documentation discussions.
platform-releng-devEclipse platform release engineering
platform-search-devEclipse Platform Search component dev
platform-swt-devEclipse Platform SWT component develo
platform-team-devGeneric team support framework
platform-text-devEclipse Platform Text component devel
platform-ui-devEclipse Platform UI component develop
platform-visionplatform-vision mailing list
pmf-devpmf developer discussions
polarsys-iwgPolarsys IWG
ponte-devPonte project developer discussions
portugal-ecPortugal Community mailing list
ptp-announcePTP Announcements
ptp-commitsPTP VCS commit notices
ptp-devParallel Tools Platform general devel
ptp-dev-remoteDiscussions relating to PTP working group activities
ptp-dev-scalingDiscussions relating to PTP working group activities
ptp-remote-devThis mailing list is to discuss technical development issues related to remote functionality in PTP. This includes such topics as remote and synchronized projects, remote launching and debugging, and remote enabling functionality in PTP, such as ETFw
ptp-scaling-devThis mailing list is to discuss technical development issues related to scalability in PTP. This includes such topics as displaying large numbers of jobs or nodes, monitoring large systems, working with large numbers of files, etc.
ptp-userPTP User list
quantum-computing-wgQuantum Computing WG
qvtd-devQVTD developers mailing list
qvto-devQVTOML developer mailing list
rap-devRAP project development-related commu
rcptt-devRCP Testing Tool developer discussions
rcptt-usersRCP Testing Tool general discussions
rdf4j-devrdf4j developer discussions
recommenders-devRecommenders developer discussions
recommenders-incubator-devRecommenders Incubator developer discussions
reddeer-devreddeer developer discussions
remus-devRemus developer mailing list
research-ecCommunication for research projects at
richbeans-devrichbeans developer discussions
riena-devRiena Developers list
risev2g-devrisev2g developer discussions
rmf-devDeveloper mailing list for the Requirements Modeling Framework
rt-pmcRuntime Project PMC mailing list
rtp-devMailing list of the RTP project used for development purposes
sapphire-devSapphire project
scada-devEclipse SCADA developer discussions
scanning-devscanning developer discussions
scava-devScava developer discussions
science-devScience developer discussions
science-iwgScience Industry Working Group
science-pmcScience PMC communications
scout-devMailing list for Eclipse Scout developer discussion
securitySecurity Issues
sensinact-devsensinact developer discussions
sequoyah-android-devSequoyah Android developers
sequoyah-commitSequoyah Code Commits
sequoyah-devSequoyah Developers
servlet-devservlet developer discussions
simopenpass-devsimopenpass developer discussions
sirius-devSirius project developer discussion
sisu-devSisu project developer discussions
sisu-usersSisu project community
skalli-devSkalli project developer mailing list
smarthome-devEclipse SmartHome development mailing list
smila-devSmila project developer mailing list
smila-userSmila project user mailing list
soa-commitSOA Platform SVN committs
soa-devGeneral discussion of SOA platform-wide or architectural issues
soa-iwgSOA Industry Working Group
soa-pmcSOA PMC mailing list
soa-usersSOA Platform communications and announcements
soc-devSummer of Code dev list
soteria-devsoteria developer discussions
spain-ecEclipse Community in Spain
sphinx-devSphinx Developer discussions
statet-devstatet developer discussions
statet-usersStatet user discussions
stem-devSTEM developer mailing list
stem-ebolaSTEM project Ebola modeling discussions
subversive-defectsSubversive defects
subversive-devDevelopers mailing list
sumo-announceSumo project announcements
sumo-devsumo developer discussions
sumo-userSumo project User discussions
sw360-devsw360 developer discussions
sw360-userssw360 user discussions
switzerland-east-ecEastern Switzerland Community
swtbot-devSWTBot developers list
systemfocus-devsystemfocus developer discussions
tahu-devtahu developer discussions
tcf-devTCF Development
tea-devtea developer discussions
technology-pmcTechnology PMC
technology-projectsTechnology Projects
teneo-commitTeneo commit notices
texlipse-devtexlipse developer discussions
texo-commitTexo commit notices
theia-devtheia developer discussions
thingweb-devthingweb developer discussions
thym-devThym developer discussions
tigerstripe-announceLatest news about Tigerstripe
tigerstripe-devTigerstripe developers list
tigerstripe-usersTigerstripe Users list
tinydtls-devtinydtls developer discussions
titan-devtitan developer discussions
tm-devTM project developer discussions
tm4e-devtm4e developer discussions
tmf-devTMF Common dev list
tools-devGeneral development mailing list of t
tools-leadsList for all of the Tools projects PLs
tools-pmcTools PMC mailing list
tracecompass-devtracecompass developer discussions
tracecompass.incubator-devtracecompass.incubator developer discussions
trainersEclipse Trainers
triquetrum-devtriquetrum developer discussions
tycho-devTycho developers list
tycho-userTycho user list
tyrus-devtyrus developer discussions
uae-ecUAE Eclipse community
ufk-devUFaceKit developer mailing list
ui-best-practices-working-groupUser Interface Architecture Working G
uml2-devThis mailing list is used to discuss
umlgen-devEclipse UML Generators developer dicussion
unide-devunide developer discussions
university-outreachUniversity outreach list
uomo-core-devUOMo core developers
uomo-devUOMo developers
uomo-ucum-devUOMo UCUM developers
uomo-units-devUOMo units developers
uomo-usersUOMo users
upr-devDevelopers mailing list for UPR
usssdk-devusssdk developer discussions
vancouver-announceEclipse events in Vancouver
vertx-devVertx developer discussions
viatra-devViatra project developer discussions
virgo-buildVirgo build notices
virgo-devVirgo Project
vjet-devDiscussion about developemnt of VJET technologies
volttron-devvolttron developer discussions
vorto-devvorto developer discussions
wakaama-devWakaama developer discussions
wazaabi-devWazaabi Project developer discussions
wb-devMailing list for discussion of Windowbuilder dev issues involving the core engine, public apis and docs
websocket-devwebsocket developer discussions
whiskers-devwhiskers developer discussions
winery-devWinery developer discussions
wtp-devGeneral discussion of project-wide or
wtp-incubator-devWTP Incubator Dev list
wtp-jsf-devJava Server Faces Tools developer dis
wtp-pmcWTP PMC communications (including coo
wtp-relengWebtools releng discussion list
wtp-wst-devWeb Standard Tools developer discussi
xacc-devxacc developer discussions
xpect-devxpect developer discussions
xsd-devXSD discussion list
xsemantics-devxsemantics developer discussions
xtext-devXtext dev list
xwt-devXWT developers mailing list
yasson-devyasson developer discussions